Women Writers We’d Like to Have Wine With

There is a saying: not all readers are writers, but all writers are most definitely readers. As co-authors who have been writing together for more than a decade, we are first and foremost avid readers. We view books of all genres as opportunities, as promises, as teachers, and most importantly, as gifts. We are reading nerds who get excited about discovering a new author or diving into the latest release from an old favorite. Few things make us happier than getting comfy with a good book and a nice glass of wine and what better time to do that than now in this time of COVID-19?

Though reading may seem like a solitary adventure, you are far from alone when your author of choice becomes a figurative guide taking you through the chapters, page by riveting page. Sometimes we wonder, who are these superheroes that capture our imaginations so vividly, pull on our heartstrings so compellingly, enlighten and enrich our minds so deeply? Do they also like to eat chocolate, binge watch Hallmark Channel movies, and drink wine? If we ever met these talented and clever individuals in person, would it be friendship at first sight?

Topping the list of women writers we would like to have wine with is none other than the amazing Jodi Picoult, the great literary creator of what we call “thinking with the heart” stories. Hers are always powerful novels that make us pause to consider how our own social consciences compare to those of her characters and their circumstances. Plus, Ms. Picoult lives in New Hampshire, which is not only Leigh’s home state, but also a hop, skip, and a jump away from Rhode Island, where we both now live. It would be easy to spend a happy hour or two with her in the Granite State, the Ocean State or somewhere in between, (adhering to travel guidelines and restrictions of course), where maybe she would tell us about her adorable sidekick, the donkey pictured on her website.

British author Diane Setterfield gave us goosebumps, literally. Credited as ‘a love letter to reading,’ her novel The Thirteenth Tale is a mysterious masterpiece artfully written in a timeless style that is uniquely her own. After reading it, we were instantly smitten with her and have no doubt that if our paths ever crossed, we would terrify the poor woman with our adulation. All the same, we keep hoping. So, dear Ms. Setterfield, would you care to join us for a glass of wine some time?

Karen White’s expressive talent and flair for the narrative is like Lowcountry pluff mud that oozes southern living, history, mystery and a touch of romance. Whatever she writes, we happily read, then ask for more wanting to lose ourselves just a little longer in the warmth of South Carolina where many of her tales unfold. Though we know little of Ms. White the person, we truly believe that anyone who can captivate us with her work as she does, is someone we’d love to have a beverage with, date TBD.

Location, location, location is a popular mantra of the real estate industry and presumably the author Elin Hilderbrand whose summer stories are synonymous with Nantucket, Massachusetts. We share a love for this quaint island that is her home and also one of our most favorite places in the world. The pages of her fictitious prose overflow with the real-life restaurants, beaches, and seasonal celebrations that beautiful Nantucket is known for, making them fun to read whether or not you’ve ever been on island. One of us (Vikki), has been a frequent visitor to  ‘The Little Grey Lady of the Sea’ over the years and one of us (Leigh), rode the fast ferry over for the first time last year, but we both love the Queen of the Beach Read’s sun-kissed stories. Just say the word, Elin, and we’ll be on the next ferry over to meet you at The Club Car.

Maybe one day, we’ll get lucky and actually make the acquaintance of these talented writers, and other authors whose penning also bring us so much joy. Until then, we’ll keep busy doing our best to emulate their creative strengths in our own work while rabidly reading all of their new releases, with a glass of wine in hand, naturally. Cheers!

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