Looking for a Good Read?

For those of you like us who love to read, you know that reading for pleasure demands a good deal of time and attention. Two things that neither of us have in abundance.  Fortunately, for all  of us though, there is Goodreads. Not familiar with Goodreads?  It is a social cataloging website with a mission "to help people find and share books they love..." More than 12 million … Continue reading Looking for a Good Read?


Second Chances: New in Paperback!

As many of you already know, we released our first book, Second Chances, last year as an e-novel. Anyone who has a Kindle (as I do), a Nook, or a tablet of any kind, knows first-hand the compact convenience and ease an electronic reader provides. But, we are both traditionalists at heart, and as such, we … Continue reading Second Chances: New in Paperback!