Looking for a Good Read?

For those of you like us who love to read, you know that reading for pleasure demands a good deal of time and attention. Two things that neither of us have in abundance.  Fortunately, for all  of us though, there is Goodreads.

Not familiar with Goodreads?  It is a social cataloging website with a mission “to help people find and share books they love…” More than 12 million members make up this unique community of  fiction and non-fiction readers. Each member creates a bookshelf of titles they are currently reading and/or have read. Once read, every title is reviewed and rated on a five star scale to help others in the Goodread community make informed reading choices. It costs nothing to join this elite group of bookworms, but the return is precious.

The best part, it’s easy. Easy to join and easy to connect with ‘friends’ who share your reading tastes so you can find your next read, quickly.  The time you save will be your own. Spend it reading!




Second Chances: New in Paperback!

As many of you already know, we released our first book, Second Chances, last year as an e-novel. Anyone who has a Kindle (as I do), a Nook, or a tablet of any kind, knows first-hand the compact convenience and ease an electronic reader provides. But, we are both traditionalists at heart, and as such, we are delighted to announce that Second Chances is now available in paperback as well.

So, fans of ink-and-paper everywhere, get your copy of Second Chances at Amazon.com today, and start turning those pages.

Happy reading!