There’s No Place Like Home

Today I had the opportunity to introduce Leigh to my hometown of New Canaan, CT, also known as ‘The Next Station to Heaven’. Appearing at the local bookstore, Elm Street Books, I was immediately thrown back to a time when writing for me was usually a homework assignment of some kind, and spending time on Elm Street meant shopping, hanging out with friends, or working at a boutique clothing shop.


Today was just one more happy New Canaan memory to add to my already overflowing cache. We met lots of people and made a few new friends in my old stomping grounds. Just goes to show that some things never change. Some of my dearest friends are the people I met way back when; traipsing the high school hallways, playing on the athletic fields, and dancing at Walter Schalk.  And though the author Tom Wolfe once said, ‘you can’t go home again,’ I respectfully disagree.



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