Getting to Know Us

E-publisher Smashwords recently interviewed us for our very own Author’s Page on the publishing website.  They began with 5 questions but in the months to come will add more Q&As to the mix for a comprehensive and insightful look into the lives of Leigh Brown and Victoria (Vikki) Corliss. We’ve posted the interview here for your reading pleasure but we’d love to chat directly with our readers as well. So if there’s anything you want to know about us or our novels, shoot us a message at We’ll answer them to the best of our ability and post them back here to share with everyone else. Let the questions begin!

Speaking with Smashwords

What is your e-reading device of choice?

Victoria: I have a Kindle. It took a bit for me to get used to the idea of holding an e-reader instead of a printed book but it certainly makes buying books anytime I want, anywhere I am, incredibly easy.

Leigh: Of course I borrow Victoria’s Kindle every chance I can get……

When did you first start writing?

Victoria: Of course I always had writing assignments for school but when I was twelve, I ‘built’ a ‘writing room’ in my closet. It was B.C.–before computers–and I can still picture the neatly stacked sheets of lined paper and freshly sharpened pencils ready for action. I don’t remember writing anything however.

Leigh: When my best childhood friend Joann and I were ten, we wrote our first book “Harry the Frog”. It was written in long hand, of course, probably so we could practice our cursive… I think I still have it tucked away somewhere!

What motivated you to become an indie author?

Victoria: Writing’s been my life long passion and professional skill, and I think a part of me has always wanted to tell stories by putting words on paper. When I met Leigh, I was eager to shake things up and change the course of my future but I was hesitant too, a little scared. Having a co-author and a partner gave me the courage to take a leap of faith and become an independent author.

Leigh: We share books constantly and during this process have really scrutinized the books we liked and why we liked them. Many of these books originally started as ebooks. Being able to write a book and publish it on your own has been very powerful for many authors. I think understanding that if we came up with a story and could bring it to life, we knew that there was a way to bring it to readers.

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

Victoria: When the story flows, the words fall into place, and everything comes together. It’s joyous!

Leigh: I agree. For me, when I am in “the zone” the story just pours out. I try to see the story as a movie when I am writing and that helps me to understand if I’m providing enough detail and description. My favorite books are the ones where the author sets up everything seamlessly and I can “see” the story as I am reading it.

What are you working on next?

Victoria: Our next book is called The Pie Sisters. It’s set in New York’s Finger Lakes region where I’ve spent a great deal of time. It’s so beautiful and peaceful there we could have easily called the book Heaven on Earth.

Leigh: We both had family lake houses growing up. While Victoria’s is in New York, mine was in Maine. There is something about a lake that is serene and peaceful. For my family, the lake house represented traditions that carried through to the next generation. Our annual 4th of July celebration was magical. Fireworks, boat parades, cookouts, smores on an open fire, tubing behind a motor boat were some of my favorite memories. The chance to weave those memories into a compelling story will be a treat.

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